Constitutionally Covered Care

CCC PHMA is a Private Health Association for members only. Featuring a variety of natural health practices and treatments for families of Northeastern Washington state and Northern Idaho. 


What is a Private Membership Association?


An association of free, responsible adults who share mutual interests and goals in a relationship of trust and honor.


The right to associate is not limited to social or political activities. A private membership association can also be used for health, education, food and alcohol service, building and repair services, in fact, just about any business activity you can imagine. Members of a private membership association have the right to contract privately with each other under the 5th and 14th Amendments, and states may not pass laws that impair the obligation of a contract, a principle of law which has been upheld abundantly by the courts.


The purpose of the CCC PHMA is to bring together members with medical skills and members looking for treatments in a private setting under our OWN authority to contract as guaranteed by the Constitution for the united States.


If you would like to apply for membership and/or you have skills to offer, please fill out the email contact form below. Include your name, phone number, and interest, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you think you know other honorable men and women who might be a good fit for our Constitutionally Covered Care (CCC) Private Health Membership Association (PHMA), please pass this information to them. Other health and fitness minded freedom-loving men and women are welcome, as are their families and even their pets!  If you know any therapists, doctors, nurses, or other professionals who are ready to graduate from working for the drug cartel death machine and their captured agencies, please have them contact us for information so we can work together to recover and exercise our right to medical freedom.  


Please use this email form to contact CCC. Thank you.

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