welcome to acuplanet

Welcome to Acuplanet Acupuncture – the highest quality small-town acupuncture clinic in northeastern Washington state.  If you are looking for compassionate, experienced, respectful, expert medical attention, you’ve come to the right place.  You will be heard here, not shoved through another revolving medical door.  We will take the time together to find answers for you. 


what patients are saying:

“I feel such a sense of wellness after a treatment.  How often do you come out of the doctor’s feeling better?”  CC


“My ankle is great!  After just two treatments I have almost full range of motion.  It’s amazing!”   CW

“I don’t know WHAT you did, but my arthritis pain has been GONE for a month now.”  DV

“I am so pleased – I went the whole winter without an asthma attack!  I’m off my inhaler and I feel great.  Everything’s just great.”  LG