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If you have taken any covid shots I’m sorry to say that I cannot schedule you for an appointment. These shots turn your body into a spike protein factory. You expel these mutant proteins through your skin, breath, and every orifice, contaminating everyone who touches you or shares your breathing space. This contamination is toxic and is infecting and sickening people who have NOT had any shots, JUST THROUGH SECOND AND THIRD HAND CONTACT WITH INJECTED. I can not risk exposing myself and my patients to this hazard.  THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU, BLACKLISITING HONEST DOCTORS LIKE THE ONES ON THIS PAGE, AND BURYING THE CLINICAL MEDICAL REPORTS OF THIS DISASTER.


Experienced, established medical experts around the world are all reporting the same thing – that ALL the Covid shots are deadly to the person taking the injection, AND TO EVERYONE WHO TOUCHES THEM OR BREATHES THE AIR AROUND THEM. The following are video reports by PRACTICING doctors who are seeing the same thing in their patients that I am seeing. People who have had the shots – and these are NOT vaccinations, they are Trojan horse genetic modification injections – are making people who have NOT had the shots, sick.  The media responds with a rabid, psychopathic campaign of slander and lies to destroy their reputations, businesses, and lives. When someone who risks their entire career to tell you the truth about this issue is conveniently and suddenly found to be a pedophile or suicided, know what you are looking at – lies, lies and more lies.  Quit believing what the psychopathocracy and medical mafia are telling you. This is a disaster of Biblical proportions.

Here is one woman’s report.  This is typical of what many women are seeing:

“Can I  just tell you in the past week, 3 of us at work have had the most insane amount of bleeding during our cycles. I’m 42 and it literally scared the hell out of me by how excessive I menstruated and almost had to leave work.”

Women making these reports are also frequently having fist-sized clots, miscarriages, and bruising, among a long list of other symptoms.


My 14 year old daughter has had 3 periods in less than a month. She goes to public school. I’m pissed.”

I went to a spa to get a wax the other day. they asked if I’d had the shot whithin 30 days . . .  I said No, expecting to be told to leave, instead they said, Great! We are no longer waxing vax’d clients as their skin is coming off.”

“Didn’t even think bruising would be a part of this but makes sense. Since I miscarried 3 weeks ago after visiting vaxxed family I’ve had bruises all over my body.”


This first video is Dr. Larry Pavelsky, esteemed speaker, author, and board certified pediatrician, doing an excellent job of explaining what we know so far about these shots, how they act, and what they are doing to humans (AND, as it turns out, animals too, but he does not cover that).


Click here for Dr. Pavelsky.


The second video is Dr. Christiane Northrup, a board certified OB/GYN M.D. graduate of Dartmouth College, trusted celebrity doctor, speaker and author for for DECADES. Her credentials list is so long that I will just provide  this link to it if you are interested.


Click here for Dr. Northrup.


The third video is Registered Nurse Nic Stinson, a former nursing director. After realizing what was happening in the medical system, she quit. She is angry and uses angry language, so if you are delicate, do not click this link. If you are angry too (as all humans should be about this) then take a look. This is the link to her website.


Click here for Nic Stinson


This video is a little over an hour but I think it’s the best one. It includes the Dr. Northrup clip above, and some other doctors talking about what hey are seeing and what they think is happening.


Click here for 5 Doctors clip

The Salk Institute has published a paper proving that the spike proteins the shot-takers produce after getting the jab are what causes the disease:

 The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness

Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease