If you have taken any covid shots I’m sorry to say that I cannot schedule you for an appointment. These shots turn your body into a spike protein factory. You expel these mutant proteins through your skin, breath, and every orifice, contaminating everyone who touches you or shares your breathing space. This contamination is toxic and is infecting and sickening people who have NOT had any shots, JUST THROUGH SECOND AND THIRD HAND CONTACT WITH INJECTED. I can not risk exposing myself and my patients to this hazard.  THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU, BLACKLISITING HONEST DOCTORS LIKE THE ONES ON MY COVID VIDEO PAGE, AND BURYING THE CLINICAL MEDICAL REPORTS OF THIS DISASTER.


First, if you have taken any of the covid shots, you are engaged in an unapproved medical experiment. Even the FDA, who I have zero respect for, has not approved any of those shots, which makes them, by definition, experimental.  In fact, the drug companies themselves conned some elected psychopath into passing a law giving them total legal immunity from any UNINTENDED liability or damages, so they can kill you and get away with it, and so far they’ve killed over 3,000 victims.  Liability insurance will not cover anyone engaged in an “experimental medical procedure” who is injured or dies – whether it’s from passing out and hitting your head or any other reason – while visiting my office. Check your life insurance policy because they will also usually exclude death from medical experimentation as well. The insurance companies are loving this.


Second, experienced, established medical experts around the world are all reporting the same thing – that ALL the Covid shots are deadly to the person taking the injection, AND TO EVERYONE WHO TOUCHES THEM OR BREATHES THE AIR AROUND THEM. Please see the video reports by PRACTICING and retired doctors and scientists who are seeing the same thing in their patients that I am seeing. People who have had the shots – and these are NOT vaccinations, they are Trojan horse genocide poisons – are making people who have NOT had the shots, sick.  The media is responding to these messages of truth with a rabid, psychopathic campaign of censorship, slander and lies to destroy their reputations, businesses, and lives. We are under attack by the psychopathocracy and HARMAceutical/medical mafia. They are lying to you through their New World Ordure (look it up) mind control media. This is the greatest international crime ever committed and doctors and scientists with any courage, ethics, and moral authority are trying to alert the public that the nanotech and synthetic protein in these shots will be maiming and killing people, probably for decades.